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Title: How to clear cookies and cached files in your browser
Post by: Support on March 27, 2006, 11:58:38 pm
Hi FreeForum users!

Sometimes, you have many problems relate to themes, login, languages, images, styles. May be your browser have problem with its own cookies and cached files. To solve this problem, please follow steps:

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE or IE) browser:
If you are using Firefox browser (1.5 or higher):

6. Re-go to your site. It's now ok. If your problem isn't solved, please contact me to take another support.

Notice: if you want to clear only cookies, don't follow step 4. And if you want to clear only cache, don't follow step 3. If you are using another browser, you can contact me to take support about that on clear cookies and cached files

What is cookies?
Cookies is only small files that your browser stores some your data for login. It can store userid, username, theme, language, item on shopping, etc. It don't store privacy data. Ex: auto login function is using cookie to auto login when you re-go to your site.

What is cache?
Cache is a place for your browser store temp files in harddisk from your site and other sites to surf faster. Browser downloads all files relate to webpage, stores them into cache and view the webpage. If you surf another pages of one site, your browser will suft faster by it doesn't download same images, videos, flashes, etc. So when you update images, videos, flashes on your site, sometimes your browser doesn't update cache -> your site doesn't view properly.

Hope this thread will helpful for you.

The FreeForum Team
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