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Title: How to add arcade (guide)
Post by: Paul on March 29, 2012, 05:36:55 am

You will see a green box and with in it click here to install....once you click this you will see this
( (

click on install

The next page will be Installation compatibility page
( (

click start install

After a short wait You should now see this page ( (

After returning to the ACP you will need to click on the ARCADE tab
You will see the manage settings page, all settings on this page should not need changing at this stage.

Next click on manage will now see this page where you need to add a category for the games you want to install as an example I just typed in games but you may want to add categories such as

once you have made the category click create new category
 ( (

Once again this page should not need altering so click submit

The success box will show, in the geen section click add permissions
( (

select the groups from the add group box (click on administrator and on your keyboard hold down Ctrl and Alt to select the other groups   ( (

here you can add the appropriate permissions   ( (

once you have done that you can click on add games (left of page)
again click on the first and use the keyboards Ctrl and Alt to add more
( (

scroll to the bottom and click submit you will get the success message of installed games in that category
( (

go to your index page click arcade tab (in most styles under the main logo)
you should now see the games :dance:  ( (

Once you have several categories for games you can install more to any of the categories
so all you need to do is repeat the add games stage but before clicking submit you will see a drop down box with category list the category you want to add to then click submit
( (

Earlier I said a couple of pages did not need to be changed
This was for keeping the tutorial as simple to follow, if you do require to make changes on those pages then that is fine to do so.

Hope this was helpful