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phpBB Support Forum / Backup
September 12, 2011, 12:11:48 PM
Quote from:;539968Paying for the service would not be fair. It's only the data (content) which has been entered manually by the founder of the forum.
You allready provide the backup /restore service for free with the additional security (encryption).

Of course I could copy and paste all the data (content) manually. But all i need is the "insert into data values" from the forums and subforums content.
I don't need the data of users, groups etc etc nor do i need the table structures.

Please don't let me have to put lots of hours to find the mdhash to decrypt the data parts.

Yes, the data is manually entered by founders of the forum and their users. But I'm sorry that we currently doesn't offer plain SQL backup or SQL dump for free of charge. Please be advised that the fee to have plain SQL backup is considered a paid hosting cost for your forum lifetime on our system, which used to keep other forums running.
phpBB Support Forum / Remove captcha from registration
September 12, 2011, 11:55:07 AM
Quote from:;539967Guys, I don't feel it as a personal attack and neither is mine at your address.

First of all I also have tried many other Free Forum providers believe me. So ending up here with you guys should say something about Forummate :)

But here are my responses:
Implementing Captcha is not a bad thing but as I said in another feedback you can set "on" as default but it should be possible to turn it off when account activation is done by an admin. I'm capable of checking the user's IP address against the following DNSBL services on registration as : - Beware of cheap imitations, | DSBL and
So with the awareness of the admin and some other security settings in the posts settings Auto spam can be avoid.
The current setting on mail domain is set on a High Level and will cause many registration failures. Within a few days I had 45 users complaining. I'm lucky to be able to turn it off. And I also have a policy that users need to submit their profile or will not gain download access on my forum.
IF Captcha is to be optional then I will set my policy higher and until I as admin had investigated the new account the user will even not be able to post or generate Private messages. Guests are currently allowed no access at all.

Even without VmWare virtualization products but running on tradtional hardware a provider should have a hot standby server available. In case of major incidents or problems you could switch your database to the standby server (of course it will not have to have the same capacity but better a downsized standby server then none at all). If Forummate is running from within a real datacenter Blades could be the answer with NAS. But running a real Datacenter and maybe Forummate is using Hosting services or hardware then maybe you will hire SAN storage? And the standby server servicing on another IP? What if the hardware completely fails or burn down? what is your contingency strategy.

Then there's the SQLDUMP issue. All data has been manually entered into the forum so I think it's not more then fair that members should be able to backup their data on their local system. Therefore I would apply for a non encrypted output of the INSERT INTO data. Since this the admin's own data.  So ONLY the DATA not the TABLE definitions.

Quote from:;539970I want to set my configuration as follows
GD CAPTCHA foreground noise: = No
GD CAPTCHA background noise x-axis: =0
GD CAPTCHA background noise y-axis: = 0
GD CAPTCHA wave distortion: =No
Add 3D-noise objects: = no
Use different fonts: = Default

But although it says the alteration is saved it is actually not saves it even when the panel is showing:

GD CAPTCHA background noise x-axis:
Use lower settings of this to make the GD based CAPTCHA harder. 0 will disable x-axis background noise.
GD CAPTCHA background noise y-axis:
Use lower settings of this to make the GD based CAPTCHA harder. 0 will disable y-axis background noise.

I agree with you that captcha should be turned off if account activation by admin is set. We will switch captcha off automatically for you. Our tech will customize it and will keep you updated here. We will also links your forum to DNSBL services so you can check user's IP address quickly. Let us know if you need anything else.

Thank you.
phpBB Support Forum / Forum Lost?
September 12, 2011, 01:08:13 AM
Quote from:;539953Come on I don't call this a little crash. All (secundary) domains from could not be solved for alsmost 48 hours.
I can't believe that you guys don't have a hot standby even when servers are clustered. There was no information at all.
Don't know on what kinda infrastructure you guys are servicing but I guess it will not be something as VmWare vCloud or VmWare vSphere.

And it's still not stable. It just went down on e again even if it was just for a few minutes.

We do apologize for the issue and any inconvenience that you have experienced. We got DDOS and the services was down for a long time.

You're right that our infrastructure isn't something as VMWare vCloud or VMWare vSphere. If you wish to have it for your forum, you are advised to have our own infrastructure or get your own paid hosting with cloud computing supported or something like that.

Again, we do apologize for the issue and any inconvenience that you have experienced. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for choosing our service.
PhpNuke Support Forum / Need Help
May 20, 2011, 07:44:01 AM
Quote from: Maverick733;538787so what option would you recommend me to go for to remove my site adverts ?
as the impressions ect i dont get what it means lol
if you purchase 10,000 impressions, the advertisements will be removed from your site for 10,000 times you/your visitors visit your site.
Do you mean :
If we pay for 10,000 that means  the banners will be gone untill we reach 10.000 visitors , then it will be back on ?
or 10.000 page views  ?
if not explain what 10.000 thing is lol
we want em gone compleatly for good no more comebacks and the price for that per year - 2 years
If you pay for 10,000 impressions, the advertisement will be gone until you reach 10,000 page views.

I'm sorry that we currently don't offer flat charge at the moment.

Thank you.
PhpNuke Support Forum / Need Help
May 20, 2011, 07:23:05 AM
Quote from: Maverick733;538777yeah ive read that but i dont quite understand it,
do you sort it all out for us like we just tell u wat we want and you set up the domain ect.?
or what im new to this domain kinda stuff and advertiseing as all ive eva had was freesites , but now we wanna make the site official and remove banners and have our own domain.
Also do it all stay the same or do we get the pannel to upload & edit our theams ect ? adding pages ect or do we still need to request you guys to do that,
Also can you link me to the theam :
so i can look at the banner folder as the banner dosent load for that 1 and i would like to edit the image to add my own ?

Quote from: Maverick733;538778Also How much would it cost me to compleatly take banners off with a domain name of my choice?

Quote from: Maverick733;538779basicly i want to know
How much to compleatly remove all banners & adverts from my site. ( As i dont understand the options 1, 2 , 3 ect and the differnce between em )
How much to use a coustom domain :
And do i need to pay for the domain aswell as pay to use it on my site?
Do i need to pay for the domain name ?
or is that inc in the price,
Do i need to rebuild the site if i change the domain name
or is it just pretty much renamed ,
if ya can give me a reply to thease it will save alot of hard hassel lol
And total ill need to pay to do all this?

You don't need to rebuild, it's just a rename.

The domain parking service doesn't include your domain name. To use your own domain, firstly you have to purchase it from a domain registrar, eg:,,, etc. Then purchase the domain parking service at Then we will park you domain name into your site and you can access your site via your own domain name. These are paid yearly.

To remove advertisements, you are advised to purchase one of 'Ad Removal' options at The different between options is number of impressions and price. 1 impression is 1 page view without advertisements. For example: if you purchase 10,000 impressions, the advertisements will be removed from your site for 10,000 times you/your visitors visit your site. You only pay for what you use.

Please be advised that this is added value from free hosting service, it's not paid web hosting so we still support you as usually.

Hope this helps. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you.
PhpNuke Support Forum / PHPNuke Domain Parking
December 11, 2010, 07:26:27 AM
Quote from: mariks77;536522Hello.

What happened to my page ? Why does it been suspended?

Please help me fix this problem A.S.A.P.

We do apologize for the inconvenience, we temporarily suspended all portals filter spam attacks. This is a mistake on our portals. We have just unsuspended it. Everybody can access it now.

Again, we do apologize about this issue.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you.
PhpNuke Support Forum / PHPNuke Domain Parking
November 27, 2010, 10:40:54 AM
Quote from: mariks77;536430The IP adress is

I have just point MX record to your email server. It should works for you. However, in some case it may take up to 48 hours for DNS propagation.

Let us know if you have any questions or need anything else we can help.

Thank you.
PhpNuke Support Forum / PHPNuke Domain Parking
November 26, 2010, 11:46:16 AM
Quote from: mariks77;536426Hello.

I'm having problem about my registered domain mail address.

I can't send any mail to my registered domain mail address Can u please set the mail address IP to my registered domain IP so I will be able to receive or send mails.

The problem is because we don't host your email account. Please tell us IP address of your MX server (email server, provided by your domain registrar or email hosting provider), we will setup a MX record point to your email server.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you.
PhpNuke Support Forum / PHPNuke Domain Parking
November 17, 2010, 11:16:36 AM

Quote from: mariks77;536256Hello.

I would like to get some information about your Domain Parking service.

I had subscribe it and changed my registered domain nameservers to your nameservers before I made the payment.

After all, I don't think it should be any problem for me to access the site through my own registered domain name and period of the nameservers changed should be able to work now.

Please inform me as soon as you get my message.

Free PHPNuke domain:
Parking domain:

Thank you.
The DNS propagation has been completed, you can access to right now.

Quote from: mariks77;536259I just browse few moments ago and it was redirecting me to

The nameserver is up but still the page doesn't appear.
Please clear your browser cache, this is problem of internet browser. If you use FireFox, follow instruction bellow:[LIST=1]
  • Menu bar -> Clear Recent History....
  • Time range to clear: select 'Everything'.
  • Expand 'Details' section.
  • Only check on 'Cache'.
  • Press 'Clear Now' clear cached data.
  • Access to your domain again. It should works for you.
Hope this helps. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your order.
Quote from: mankip;535555but I already have my own domain. Why should we buy more? My domain is, // So? how? :-x

Please be advised that the fee is for domain parking, it's different from domain fee. When you park your domain into our server to use your own domain, it leads our server to work harder, and use more server resource. The domain parking fee is for server maintenance.

Parking your domain to our server or not is your choice. On free hosting, we aren't allow to offer free domain parking. You and your members can't login if you load your site using frame/iframe because of technical and security problem, not from us or our server.

Hope this make sense. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you.
PhpNuke Support Forum / bogus copyright infringement
October 18, 2010, 08:08:04 AM

I told the own of that website should discuss with you here. He should be here soon. I hope that we will find out a resolution for this problem and discuss in a polite manner and respect to each other.

Thank you.
Quote from: mankip;535433yes, i want to add my domain into ur service? how?
You please purchase domain parking service at then point your nameservers to our nameservers. Hope this helps.
phpBB Support Forum / Unable to post
October 13, 2010, 12:20:16 PM

Quote from: maxta;535439HI mate im haveing the same problem
says something like Method Not Implemented
cannot post/ to post same as the last guy here,
Im trying to post an autoit script in a code box
and it is a fairly long script with a few different codes in it

Any Idea how to fix it ??
I found out your forum address and went around. I noticed that you post programming code instead of normal content. For secure reason, our servers deny any posts contain programming source code which may an attack to our servers and users. However, we optimized some configurations which allow you to post programming code but still keep our servers be secured. By the way, please provide your forum address for fast technical support.

Quote from: kody;535446hi guys,
Dont feel bad, I can post on my forum but it takes 40-55 seconds after hitting the submit button on a 2 word post. strange thing is , that pages load just fine, but trying to pos anything means going and stting for a while...
 Now on another forum I have that is with a different service , posting time is approximately 1-4 seconds, so At this point , I honestly think that they need to take down all the servers for a few hours while they eliminate the problem
The problem which maxta faces to isn't the problem you are facing to. We carefully checked the problem you reported and confirm that it takes up to above 25 seconds to submit a post. We found out that it's because our antispam module delays the post time for checking spam content for lot of spam phrases. In this case, we decline to turn it off for you due to secure reasons for our servers and members. Other pages are still fine and fast.

If the post time doesn't satisfy your needs, we can't keep you with us. Anyway, thank you for choosing our services.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you.
Quote from: Ana Belio;535326Mire admin...tuve que borrar foros y foros, hasta que se mantuvo uno solo, pero el contenido, se ha borrado.
He vuelto a empezar poniendo foros nuevos.
Ni siquiera aquí en este foro, sabían lo que ha podido suceder, y el error ha sido interno, del server (supongo que server será llamativo y lo entenderá)
Por favor, pongan aquí a un experto que entienda el español escrito y nos pueda ayudar de verdad.
No obstante, gracias por los minutos de su tiempo.
Lo siento que no tengo a nadie que hablan español, sólo podemos hacerlo a través de

Usted se enfrenta al error interno del servidor porque el servidor detecta que publicar algo se parece a un ataque. Esta es la razón segura, para proteger a usted ya los miembros de los ataques maliciosos. Si usted enfrenta el problema de nuevo, por favor, NO eliminar los foros para que podamos ver por qué sucede y le ayudará a solucionarlo. No podemos ayudar sin ver lo que son. Espero que entiendan.

No dude en contactar con nosotros si tiene alguna pregunta.


English version
I'm sorry that we don't have anyone who speak Spanish, we only can do it via

You face to the internal server error because the server detects that you post something looks like an attack. This is for secure reason, to protect you and your members from malicious attacks. If you face the problem again, please DON'T delete the forums so we can see why it happen and help you fix it. We can't help you without see what they are. Hope you understand.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Revisé  informe de errores, es porque ha actualizado un foro que no existe. Sin embargo, si me equivoco, por favor, corríjanme. Traté de establecer una contraseña en el foro e  introduzca la contraseña para acceder a su foro, todo funciona bien. Si el problema persiste, por favor dígame el nombre  del foro y nos diga los detalles para que podamos ayudar mejor.

No dude en contactar con nosotros si tiene alguna  pregunta.


English version

I checked error report, it's because you updated a non-existing forum. However, if I'm wrong, please correct me. I tried to set forum password and enter password to access your forum, everything works fine.  If the problem persists, please tell me the forum name and tell us the detail so we can assist you better.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you.