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Show Off Your PHPNuke Portal / sEX_YU Clan
March 03, 2011, 06:16:38 PM
sEX_YU means Ex (Form) Yugoslavia, and we are about game Battlefield 2 most popular mod "Project Reality"

Site is: (still need lots modifications :razz: )

To All Project Reality players worm welcome :razz: and to others :razz:
PhpNuke Support Forum / Website Login Problem
March 03, 2011, 11:14:27 AM
Hello All...

I have a little (or big) problem about guest registering at website.

Problem is next... When someone register at website, then he/she receive confirmation e-mail and after clicking on it following message shows up: "Could not locate remote server"

Account activation:

Enable account activation: None; User; Admin (I ticked admin because with none not works)

Activation Type: AUTOMATIC; MANUAL (ticked automatic)

After registration, say's You're "something" will be approved in next 24 hours or similar. (no matter of account activation, it was on none)
So i have to approve everyone manually... Seems server automatic sends another password because after clicking to confirm, and message pops up, the probably server sending another password...

Another problem i have is a max size of avatars, its a 12288 bytes and max avatar size is 200x200pxl.... When i save new avatar size, i refresh and again its on 12288pxl

Hence, if is there any solution to solve this problems I would be very thankful...

Regards, Strela2M