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PhpNuke Support Forum / Topic Images: Upload request
October 12, 2006, 11:25:42 AM
Thank you :)
PhpNuke Support Forum / Topic Images: Upload request
October 11, 2006, 01:56:35 PM
Can you please upload an additional news topic icon for me?

It is for my friends site:

It would work with her site and with other peoples using a "space" theme.

Here is the link to the image:

Thank you for your time and support!
PhpNuke Support Forum / Theme Requests: Please Read!
September 26, 2006, 09:49:16 AM
I really like the theme space pilot but the background image does not go well with my site. Is there any chance that I can make a new background and have an admin upload it as a modified theme?

Or better yet, can I modify the theme myself completely then send it to u to upload, I am aware of the need to keep the original designers info at the footer etc. Please let me know if this is possible

NOTE: I would like to modify the theme to go with a Lineage 2 clan site.