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Quote from: lamordida;518933Sorry, I wouldn't know.  I like phpbb but you can try searching yahoo or google for free vBulletin+hosting.  We don't support it.  We use vBulletin but is a paid website not free.  :(    

   Free is best :) stick with us, when and if your board gets popular enough then switch to paid hosting if you need to.  That's just my opinion.

Yea,i know you pay for vBulletin and hosting it.Thanks for the comments anyway.

P.S. Changing the theme of the site.
Quote from: lamordida;518906Lol.

Here are the search engine submission links.

Google submit Add your URL to Google

MSN at Live Search URL Submission

Yahoo at

DMOZ at ODP - Open Directory Project

You can also add your site to these directory Top Directories - Rankings - All Sites NavyCS TopSites Great Sites

Heey,thanks! But i won't advertise until i find a theme for the ''site''.:confused:

QuoteYeah this site looks great,there's some where on the fourm (not sure where),but you can add your site to Yahoo search,Google search,and MSN.Just look for it in the forums.

The forum is pretty much ready,its on the left in the modules block.

P.S. I tried every provider (SMF,Proboards,Conforums,phpBB) but i didn't like none of them.Is there a free vBulletin forum? Like you have on this site ex. ''Free Blog'' or ''Free Phpnuke''
Quote from: lamordida;518885Hey that's coming along nicely :)  Keep up the good work.  Now comes the hard part.  You need to promote it to get more members but the site looks great.  Cheers

Thanks! :mrgreen:
So i created it today,still getting the hang on things and improvements,but it's pretty much steady,and delivers all known info.Im also planing on updating with ''Protector of Earth'' info,cheats,game saves etc.

Alien Force The Game