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PHPNuke Manuals and Guides / How to change the logo banner in Phpnuke
« on: April 10, 2006, 11:23:54 pm »
How to change the logo banner in Phpnuke

Step 1.  Login to your Phpnuke admin panel
Step 2.  Click on the "Preferences" box.

Step 3.  Upload your site logo to (supported by
Step 4.  Copy this code to put into the preferences box.  see image

Step 5.  Put that code here.  See images

What Does Everything Do?

4nAdress Book
ImageYou can keep track of links and contact information for other places here.

Lets your users know whats going on.

These area the sections on the right and left side of your forum

Edit AdminsImage
This are lets you add and controll the power given to other admins.

EM's GalleryImage
Allows you to upload pictures to your site for users to view.

Sorry i forgot about this one

User GroupsImage
This lets you add groups to your website.

HTTP ReferersImage
Shows you all places that are linking to you.

IP BanImage
This shows all ip's that are banned on your webpage. You can also ban ips from yoursite here.

You use this to post news on your homepage.

Lets you review things posted by other users

These are all the cool links on the left side.

Lets you send a message to all of your users.

Lets you change all the main sections of your site.

Lets you monitar all user sumbited material on your site.

Pretty obvious lets you log out of the admin cp.

PHPNuke Manuals and Guides / how to add your own personal pages
« on: April 09, 2006, 10:50:58 am »
In this tutorial you will learn how to add your own personal pages where you dont have to go to "Content" to view them.

Part 1

First go to content:

Scroll down to Add a New Category and fill it out.
Click "Add"

Then the page will refresh and then go down to Add a New Page

Title: The title or main idea of the page.
Category: Select the one that you just made.
Subtitle: Leave blank.
Then put your content on the "Page Text" Section.
Scroll Down to Send.

Part 2
Go to Blocks
Scroll Down to Add a new block.

Title: Make this what ever you want, it will change this

RSS/RDF file URL: Leave Blank and to the right click Custom
Filename: None

Click on HTML at the bottom right

Copy and Paste this code in the HTML window.

Page Name

Now make a new internet window.

Go to your web site, go to content and find your page that you made in Part 1

Once the page is showing look at the top of the window where you type in web site URL's

Highlight the URL and press CTRL C (to copy)
Now go back to your other Internet Window, (where we first were)

Now Paste this where it says " Web Site URL"
So if youre web site URL was "" it would look like this
"Page Name

Where it says "Page Name" Replace that in wich you want the page named.

Now repeat this unitll you have all the pages that you need.

After Each Line of

[COLOR="Blue]Join Us [/COLOR]



After each line to space them apart instead of right next to each other.

Join Us

Clan Members

Part 3
Moving the web page links box you made.

Go to BlocksImage
Find the name of the block that you made.

Where it says Position change it to where ever you like, Right side is best.

Click on "Save"

Now find the block that you made in Part 2.

The last thing that you could do is deactivate the Content Link to save some space.

If there is somthing you didnt understand in this tutorial please reply and i'll help you out

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