Phpnuke Administrator Panel Module Explanations

Started by Alb, April 09, 2006, 12:10:38 PM

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What Does Everything Do?

4nAdress Book
ImageYou can keep track of links and contact information for other places here.

Lets your users know whats going on.

These area the sections on the right and left side of your forum

Edit AdminsImage
This are lets you add and controll the power given to other admins.

EM's GalleryImage
Allows you to upload pictures to your site for users to view.

Sorry i forgot about this one

User GroupsImage
This lets you add groups to your website.

HTTP ReferersImage
Shows you all places that are linking to you.

IP BanImage
This shows all ip's that are banned on your webpage. You can also ban ips from yoursite here.

You use this to post news on your homepage.

Lets you review things posted by other users

These are all the cool links on the left side.

Lets you send a message to all of your users.

Lets you change all the main sections of your site.

Lets you monitar all user sumbited material on your site.

Pretty obvious lets you log out of the admin cp.


what does the clan roster thing do ad how do i do it


Quote from: melted_ice;516426what does the clan roster thing do ad how do i do it
The module is used for game clan site. It was installed per a user request. I don't play game so don't discover it.


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