Why I can't access my phpnuke administration panel from another computer

Started by Support, April 12, 2006, 05:36:48 AM

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Once, you register a free phpnuke site from greatnuke.com.
Your phpnuke site on greatnuke.com is: http://greatnuke.com/yoursite/
Your phpnuke administration panel on greatnuke.com is: http://greatnuke.com/yoursite/admin.php

Login to your site with administrator account, and go to http://greatnuke.com/yoursite/admin.php to access administration panel. Sometime, your site required you login again for secure reason. Here, you can access to all features. In the next login or visit, you don't need to go to http://greatnuke.com/yoursite/admin.php to access your administration panel, you only click on Administration link on left menu. Because, your site is used cookie to mark that you are administrator of this site.

So, when you login to your site from another computer or another browser on your computer, you must login again and go to http://greatnuke.com/yoursite/admin.php to access your administration panel. Because, no cookies is marked that you are administrator on your site by current browser.


As I am developing links for my PR5 site, I came across asking myself this question:

Should I link to the root page that link exchange to my 10 links on there, or link to the 10 subpage links indiviually when exchanging and promoting? What would be more beneficial? Would it make a difference either or?

Any input would be extremely appreciated on this issue.




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