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funny story
« on: June 22, 2006, 06:45:12 am »
(magic trainer)ok galstaff you are entering the room to the left and then entering a dark room with a stich of mildew in the air what will you do. (galstaff)Im going to cast magic missle.(magic trainer)There is nothing in the room to cast it on so why cast it. to cast it on the darkness. (A summon)wheres the cheetos! (magic trainer)right next to you... (A summon)wheres the mountain dew! (magic trainer)In the fridge. ok well now there is an elf in frount of you. (Elf)ummm rr oh thats me right. (magic trainer)[slaps head] yes that is you well ok now lets get back to this. (magic trainer)the elf has brown hair and blue eyes and is wearing a brown tunic. (elf) no wait i have gray eyes. (magic trainer)let me see that papper. (elf)well it says hear i have blue eyes but i want gray eyes. (magic trainer) well what ever lets just continue. ok now say hi to each other.
(Galstaff) hello. (elf) umm hi. (Galstaff)hi my name is galstaff the sorcerer of light. (elf) then why did you have to go and cast magic missle. (everyone)ahahahahahhahahahaha. (magic trainer)ok now you are entering a dark room.  (A summon)am i seeing this like by them entering the dark room! (magic trainer)no you arnt seeing this becuase your at the tavern! (A summon)cool im getting drunk. (magic trainer) well lets move on now. ok you are being attacked.(galstaff) well i can't be under attack since i casted wacth mans magical gaurd dogs! (magic trainer)well you couldnt have you dont have any items. (galstaff) well i sad i didnt want item becuase i just needed the appoinits to use to cast my spells. (magic trainer)ok then well you are being attacked bye ogers. (A summon)ogers well i have an oger slaying sword thats pluse 15 agianst ogers. (magic trainer)your not there your drinking at the tavern. cool im getting drunk are there any girls there? role the dice to see. (magic trainer)yes your getting drunk.(A summon)well are there any girls there?(magic trainer)yes there are girls there! (a summon)well if there are any girls there i wanna joup them.
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