Radio streaming via Windows Media Player

Started by jmcdev, August 13, 2006, 05:09:39 AM

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Fancy a small radio player for your phpnuke website?

First find a LEGAL stream - ie one the station promotes/allows for use on personal websites (Virgin Classic Rock is my personal favorite but them Im very old!)

Create a new block from the blocks menu in the admin panel.
Click on the HTML button and paste this code into it


Replace the URL VALUE where it says "your file of url" with the URL for the stream. To find streams to a Google search for 'wmp radio streams'. (here is the URL for Virgin Classic Rock - )

Press play on the mini Windows Media Player that appears.

Thats it. You have a streaming radio block for your website!

Its not perfect - if you navigate away from the page its on (or even refresh the page) the player stops.


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