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Started by Pete, February 17, 2006, 01:52:26 PM

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We've added a new feature which will help your forum get more traffic.  It's the newly added, user-adjustable, meta tags.  Meta tags are special codes used by search engine bots to obtain information about your forum.  These meta tags can greatly improve your search engine rankings over time (several months) resulting in better traffic.

How to adjust your meta tags:[LIST=1]
  • Log into your forum as the admin
  • Go to Forum Administration Control Panel (Admin CP) -> Tab 'GENERAL' -> 'Extra Configuration' (under 'BOARD CONFIGURATION')
  • Add relevant keywords, separated by commas (do not repeat the same word more than 3 times or it will be considering spam and ignored by bots).
  • Add a relevant description of the site, which will likely be displayed on search engines
  • Add a relavent abstract (similar to description, but shorter)
Other tips for helping your rankings includes having the keywords appear on your website, including in the description and abstract.  For example, if your website was about "baseball", your site could have the following:[LIST=1]
  • Title = Baseball forum
  • Description = The baseball forum discusses all aspects of baseball
  • Keywords = baseball, Yankees, Dodgers, homerun, baseball teams
  • Abstract = Forum about baseball
  • Forums = General Baseball topics, baseball teams, baseball rules, favorite baseball players
Within a few months, your forum should move up in the search engine ranks and draw more traffic  8) .


Can you add this feature to the portal pages if you can?


Quote from: WoYYCan you add this feature to the portal pages if you can? portal pages should have this feature included as well.