How to change your site logo

Started by Support, December 19, 2006, 10:11:22 AM

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Please follow the instructions bellow:
  • Login into Administration Panel, use link
  • Go to Administration Panel -> Administration Menu -> Preferences.
  • Enter your logo url into "Site Logo:" field
  • Press "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the form.
  • That's all
If you can't see the new logo, try to clear your browser's cache. Please refer to for more information.

If you still can't see the new logo, please post your problem in this forum, also remember to tell me your logo url, your current theme.

Thank you.


i'm using v-blue baby theme..
i've followed all the instructions but still cant show any logo  at my site


This theme can not be change logo.


what is the available themes that can be put the logo of my site this is my site PINOY-UNGAS and help me how to add a yahoo status online i want my to be clean and neat sorry if im dont have knowlegde in creating a website your freenuke is very anyone can can create but im have no idea bout it....thanks :???: :???:


Sorry, does not support show yahoo status. Some themes allow to change logo: MacOS, Deepblue, smarkDark, zoneBlue..


I try to follow the instructions but it didn't work. Could you help me to change my site logo? my site is IKATAN ALUMNI UNSRI - RIAU and my url logo is Free Image Hosting - Powered by UIHS in jpg format and Free Image Hosting - Powered by UIHS in gif format. JPG format have little byte then gif one. my site theme is smart dark.



OK, I just changed your site logo.



can u change the banner on the AOG_camo theme? Ive been trying but having problems? Just curious if its possible


Quote from: leno;512155can u change the banner on the AOG_camo theme? Ive been trying but having problems? Just curious if its possible
I'm apologise for my late reply, cannot change the banner of this theme.


I would like to change the banner at the top of the website. My site is King of the DIRT Series.
The banner I would like to put on would be the banner on my old site.
My theme is...subBlack3dBlue
Thank you


I've changed your site's banner.

If you want to change your banner, go to Administrator Menu -->Conference --> Site logo --> replace "logo.gif" with the link to your banner.


Thank You for the help


I tried several times and could not get it to change.

here is the link to what i want it changed to.



Dear Mod,
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