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What's the Difference?

Started by Michael, May 04, 2007, 12:37:48 PM

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Well I'm not saying anyone in particular but people keep asking me to fix things, I got about 10 PM's from the same person asking me to fix a problem on their site for them so here you go:

Moderators[/u] -

We help keep the forum clean from arguments, spamming, flaming and other stuff. We can delete posts, lock posts, make announcements/stickies, move threads etc...

Note: We cannot do anything about your site/forum other than try to give you advice!


Their job is to make sure the support forum is working correctly and give support! They can fix problems with your site or forum, mods cannot....

So please remember that moderators can only try to give advice and use all the mod powers....Admins are the people that can fix your sites!
Super Moderator[/color],

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