How does one become a moderator?

Started by Michael, June 28, 2007, 02:25:47 PM

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After recieving a few PM's about becoming a moderator, I have decided to post a little info about becoming a moderator.

1) You have to prove that you are worthy of having this position, this can be by being helpful or posting a lot or being active a lot, we will not take you on if you are going to be lazy and not do anything.

2) We must be needing moderators before we take any on, you can view the moderators by going here:

3) You must not have gotten yourself into trouble...(Maybe once might be ok)

4) Lastly you must be trustworthy, this includes not deleting posts for no reason, banning members because you want to or anything like that!

So for all those who want to be a moderator then please follow these rules and we'll be sitting in our lair waiting to bring one of you into our team :P

You will probably know when we are needing mods (I think we might now since the recent departure of Rob!!) So yea....Just abide to these rules and you might be next.
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