For Anyone Who is Wondering where support / admin is.

Started by DxLow, December 13, 2007, 10:19:07 PM

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For anyone / all users.

That use this site as a Support forum.

I am a mod, one that is normally always on line.
the internet is my life.

i am always here to help anyone with anything..

i know their are alot of issues occurring alot with request that need to be handled

support and admin

have not been on in a few days but we all must remember.

everyone does have a life besides the internet anything could have came up.

but i promise every one that once they do sign in and see the post they will help in a timely manner.

I ask that if your post does not get a replied to.

do not post about the issue agian, cause it will start to flood the forums and make it much harder for support / admin to do their job once the return.

i know it is getting aerating but its life, the best thing to do is just bookmark your thread, and come back every few hours to see if you have been addressed by support/ admin / or me

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Thanks, DxLow!

If anyone have any problem with the forum/site please let we known, we'll fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for choosing our services.


I can't access my forum. It just says General Error. Can you please help?

General Error


Quote from: Bella2U;518074I can't access my forum. It just says General Error. Can you please help?

General Error

We've resolved this problem.

Thanks for the report.


I can't log onto my forum. The page reads  "General Error".  Can someone please help me ?
Thank you in advance,
General Error