How to add a Music Player to your PhpNuke Portal

Started by MaT, January 10, 2008, 05:14:54 AM

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Music Player

1. Firstly click on the link provided.
2. You must register to the site.
3. Once registered you can create your own playlist.
4. Seach for music on the main page as illistrated in Diagram 1.1
5. Once found the song you wish to add to your Playlist Click on it to play to see if it work's if not your will have to find another one as in diagram 1.2 red.
6. Once Found a working copy of your song click on the Plus to add it to your playlist as in diagram 1.2 green
7. After this you can contine adding upto 75 song's to your playlist diagram 1.3.


Site Insturution's
1. Firstly get the code for your New play list shown in Diagram 2.1 (myspace Code)
2. Then Create a new block in your admin Page. (doesn't matter what it's called) diagram 2.2
3. Once you have pressed create You can enjoy your music


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Thank you for this tutorial! I thought it was very clear.


I tryied to put a music player on my site but it didn't work..It said paylist empty. Can anyone help ?


Quote from: Chevyman;526765Hello,
I tryied to put a music player on my site but it didn't work..It said paylist empty. Can anyone help ?
Hello, please provide us with your site address so that we can look into the problem. Thanks.


Quote from: Chevyman;526784Here is my sites addy..
Did you delete the player on your site? Can you send me the code of it?


My player says that the playlist is empty as well.
code:">">" allowScriptAccess="never" width="435" height="270" name="mp3player" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" border="0" flashvars=""/>">">" border="0"> | Team nVision Popout Player" target="_blank">" border="0">">">" border="0">


Try disable Javascript in your browser first, and then try again. If it's still not work, please let me know.


It works but now i cant go to any of my other websites. without enableing it...



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