Web Chat Launched!

Started by phascorpion, December 13, 2008, 02:12:58 PM

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Just to announce that i have launched web chat the web decussion site that anyone can join and disucuss topics about bebo myspace facebook tagged etc etc, currently being updated (still) it is open to all users of any website.

//www.webchat.greatnuke.com is the website, I am looking forward to seeing you get active in the forums and in the chat rooms.


plenty of content but when the page first loaded and i saw that flashing logo i thought id gone onto a xxx site by mistake lol


There is plenty of content but when the page first loaded and I saw that flashing logo in that process.Whether you are chatting with AIM Buddies from around the globe or around the corner, the AIM webcam chat feature can make everyone seem within reach. To launch a webcam chat in AIM, first right-click on your AIM Buddy's screenname, then select "Video." You can also press the following hotkeys on your keyboard: Alt+Shift+V.



Quote from: Alice;536894i can't open it :(
Hi Alice,

I feel so sorry too!
Maybes that site is no longer in use.