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Started by halod, February 15, 2010, 04:15:02 PM

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        I want to add some modules which i downloaded from internet. In the modules administration page it says

"New Modules copied on the /modules/  directory will be automatically added with Inactive status to the  database when you reload this page.
If you want to remove a module  just delete it from the /modules/ directory, the system will automatically update your database to show the changes."

but how to copy files to the /modules/ directory ?

My site is Royal Mech 2000


You can't install a new module because we do not offer ftp access. Anyway, what is the module you're trying to install? If it is useful for most of users, we will install it.


It seems your ftp server is not running. To be able to connect to your  localhost with ftp you have to have an ftp server up and running. Then  you can connect with a client like Filezilla.
Now if dupral has an ftp server integrated then you should make sure that dupral is up and running.