New features for PHPNuke portals

Started by tanduy2506, July 08, 2010, 04:32:44 PM

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Beside site keywords and site abstract, Extra Settings module provide some new features (view demo):
  • Set global announcement on top page
  • Customizable favicon icon
  • Set Member Activation type
  • Auto scroll Shout Box
  • Add Google Analytics Code to your site
Hope it will be useful for you.


Hi all,

I received some feedback about "Approve Membership" module:
Quote from: macdadand another idea i don't need it it's just a idea on the approve member thing you got a box on the left that says waiting content it may be a good idea to add approve member thing there so they know there is someone waiting to b approved all my ppl mail me on the game when they apply so i got that to go by it's just a suggestion
We've improved PHP-Nuke Activate 3.0 better.
Let us know if you have any suggestion.
Thank you.


Hi all,

We are trying to add new features for phpNuke:
  • Upgrade 'Edit Admins ->  Permissions' to 'Advanced Admin Permissions'
  • Upgrade 'Admin Login'.
  • Upgrade 'Messages from Support Staff' block in admin area.
  • Add 'Topic Image Viewer' to topic manager.
In this September, these features will have finished.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Please wait.


Hi all,

We have upgraded 'Edit Admins -> Permissions' to 'Advanced Admin Permissions'.
If you're site owner, you can (un-)grant permissions to all admin modules on 'Edit Admins' module.

If you set permission for an admin on "Admin Modules" like that:

=> This admin can access only in these modules:

Please tell me know if you have any feedback.




Hi all,
There is something's change in "Topics" module.
Hope you like it.


Hi all,
We've create new block for phpNuke.
Please visit admin.php?op=BlocksEdit to add "MP3 Player" block.
Select filename "MP3-Player" and create this block.
After that, you can edit your playlist that you like.

Let me know if you have any suggestion, we'll improve it better.


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Beside setting Shout Box stick to not scroll,
now you can set the width of Shout Box block (/admin.php?op=shout&Submit=ShoutBoxLayout) if you want.

The default width is 150px. If it isn't suitable for your theme, please change it.
Thank you.


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I recommend you to go for Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal.
But the cms does not determine the security, security is depend on you  server and database, if you server security is weak then hacker can  easily access your website.



I added "Auto Prune Shout Box" in Extra Settings.
That feature help you prune shouts older than the days you set.

When there is a new shout, it'll check and prune automatically.

P/S: Thanks Maverick733's suggestion (


Hello everyone,

I just update the text editor of our PHP-Nuke.
New look, new interface and new more features.

The toolbar will be auto hide when you don't use it.

Hope you like it.