lol definatly not nuke but php coded site of mine

Started by majorwound, August 15, 2010, 07:53:42 PM

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this site has got to be the most illegal site ive done to date lol

its not childporn or shit like that as thats still banned from the site but its more on the lines of torrenting lol just a trial site atm 9 torrents and something like 24 mb of space used lol as im not stupid enough to have files stored on the servers : P for legal purposes mainly but also as it hogs space

Welcome To Torrents 4 U .::. Index thats the site ive been working on its a working progress right now but hell its fun and dare say ill probably do a super site some day in the future but run in sweden hehe

me being a web designer for like 4 yrs just had to have a challenge and this has given it to me so yea lol register and submit if your into this sort of thing if not dont bitch about it lol
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