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My Feedback With Questions.

Started by Razor32, July 11, 2010, 05:25:01 PM

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Ok , I Love The Forum Set-up a lot.

But I Just Have to ask one question.
(For My Own Good).

Is this a secured website?

The ADMIN CP Is a little confusing.

But i'LL Check The Guides ya'll made to help me make my way. :razz:



why do you have these prblems?
Every shoe fits not every foot


well its secure But Not to secure as php is pretty secure but there are some ways of getting through it
The Support Team.

Free Forum
Free PhpNuke Hosting,


Quote from: zengjing0813;533348why do you have these prblems?

lol , haha..  its not really a problem, just a little confused by the admin cp's..