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My Site is gone

Started by Speed, November 17, 2010, 06:29:00 PM

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hey my site is gone i was on it this morning now its gone
and is gone as well it takes you to a site called so what is going on thnx {BCR}Speed


Yep, Same for me. But I posted a thread and got no reply. So, I hear that Great Nuke have gone bust. Meaning you have lost your forum unless you backed it up?

You won´t get a reply here. I haven´t.

I contacted Nick - read my post titled Great Nuke.


What a disgrace they never had the decency to warn us.


Apologize  for the inconvenience that you encountered. We have fixed it. Please  check again and let us know if you still have this problem.

Thank you.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you


thnx for fixing the problem but there is another can you fix this it was not like that thnx {BCR}Speed  URL is


Quote from: Speed;536294thnx for fixing the problem but there is another can you fix this it was not like that thnx {BCR}Speed  URL is
Hi Speed,
Can you explain more that problem?
What do you want to fix?


ok it looks like the screen resoltion is out of wack the center blocks look like they somehow got streched out to large and is pushing my home page apart on the right side. hope that xplains it some for you thnx again {BCR}Speed
URL is
i should have to go intp the admin pnl to take all my photos out wich i did a few and the center blocks are still to wide in width. thnx


No, the screen resolution isn't change.
Maybe, there are some block is too width.
I've just changed some width of picture.
You should set the width of an image is "100%" if you want it to fill the whole screen.
If there are 2 images, you set the width of each image is "50%".
And clear the height attribute.
I'll check it again.


yea i got it fixed now thnx {BCR}Speed