Winners Of Forum Of The Month 2011

Started by MaT, February 26, 2011, 02:24:15 AM

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Here is a list of winners of Forum Of The Month.

    March. Gele's Winning Website [/LIST]
      April. DRAW.[/LIST]
        May. Ramook's Winning Website [/LIST]
          June. Binamin Winning Website [/LIST]
            July. Pixie Winning Website[/LIST]
              August.Hibee Winnign Site[/LIST]
                September.daviddavid Winning Site [/LIST]
                  October. MISSED[/LIST]
                    November.Shadowkillaz Winning Site[/LIST]
                      December.poletarac winning site [/LIST]

                      Currently In Talks for Rewards for this honor.
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                      No Unnecessary Posting
                      FreeForum Team

                      My Site's.
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                      And, of course,
                      The winner will have a custom Rank on here saying :D (FOTM means Forum Of The Month)

                      Do you have another idea?