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Author Topic: How To BackUp And Restore Your Forum  (Read 10206 times)

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How To BackUp And Restore Your Forum
« on: March 09, 2011, 09:28:25 pm »
Here ill teach you how to Restore And Backup your forum.

Firstly Login as the Admin Account.

Than Click on the MAINTAINCE Tab in  your (ACP)

Click On Backup under the DataBase section

Here you can choose which type of Back up you would like either Structure Only which only saves database schema or Data Only which saves actual data eg, members posts. Or Full which saves both things, so why not :)

Than Choose if you want to compress your back to either Gzip and bzip2 which ust makes compressed files alltho you'll need free extraction utilities.

than choose how you want to store your backup

Than you can choose which files to make faster choose less or slower choose more.

Than Click submit. Warning for large database's this may take some time so please dont close your page.

Now To Restore your page

Click on the Restore] Option

Than Select the file your wish to resote your forum to.than click on Start restore this may take some time with big files once this is finished your forum has been restored and If you no longer need one just select it and delete.

If you require Visual help please goto;

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