What should I do when my forum is suspended?

Started by tanduy2506, March 18, 2011, 01:19:59 PM

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If your forum/site is suspended, you must ask yourself:[LIST=1]
  • Does my forum/site involve the Terms Of Service violation?
  • Are there many spam posts in my forum/site?
  • My forum is inactive for a long time, isn't it?
  • Is there a mistake somewhere?
First, you must confirm by sending your admin log in details via PM.
It means send your forum/site address, username and password.
We must sure that you are the forum/site owner of that forum/site.

Then, we'll check your problem and find the best solution.

In case #1, you need to remove everything that involve TOS violation.
If you think it's not right, we'll talk about it more.
You should read Free Forum Terms Of Service That Must be UpHeld.

In case #2 and #3, maybes you forum/site has been attacked by spams.
We suggest you to take care of the site  frequently. If you have any  troubles on managing the site, your are  encouraged to let  us know so we  can assist you better.
If you created a forum which is dedicated to  spammers, you should delete spam daily or a few times weekly.

For all members: To avoid being  spammed in your forums,   forum admins make an announcement that  spammers   can post spam into that forum then you will delete spam when  you get  a  chance. But in some cases, Google reports links which  violates to your   TOS so we must suspend the site.

If you're so busy to manage your forum/site, you should try to find some other helps.

In case #4, we're so sorry and hope you would to like confirm your information again.
We support 24/7 via FreeForum.ca support forum

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