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How to add a poll
« on: March 19, 2011, 08:51:48 am »
Adding a poll to your forum is very easy to do

On your posting page you will need to
1 add the poll subject title
2 add a little information in the message box
3 ask the question
4 list the options will need to put these on seperate lines

After pressing submit your poll should look like this

Why do i get invalid poll message ?
If you get a message telling you your poll is invalid it will most probably be down to the style you are using.....try to use another style....

Why can't my members vote ?
If your members can't vote in a poll or create one and you can it may be down to the permissions.
Go to Acp > permissions > groups forum permissions
1 standard access allows your users to vote but not create polls
2 selecting standard access +polls will allow your use's to create polls as well as voting
3 advanced can change options here as well