How to change CAPTCHA?

Started by Paul, March 20, 2011, 04:47:22 AM

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One problem many have is their members struggle to register because the CAPTCHA is too hard to read, here we will explain how to make it easier.
Go to ACP > General > CAPTCHA module settings  

You will see on the page a preview of how the CAPTCHA currently looks

click configure

Making the CAPTCHA easier
1 click No
2 Keep both these to 25
You can click on preview to see how it will look before pressing submit.

the result, an easier to read CAPTCHA  

Making the CAPTCHA harder
This is not really advisable to make it too hard as you may loose new members as a result !
1 click Yes
2 increase the values
you can also use the lower case/ shapes to make it harder

Why can't i disable the CAPTCHA.

Although there is an option to disable the CAPTCHA  this is not possible to do.
For your forums safety from spam this feature can not be turned off.