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« on: April 02, 2011, 06:20:23 am »
Here's one that may appeal to a lot of users,
paypal buy it button
This code will allow users to sell an item on your forum, ideal if you have a community that has a specific interest.
eg: if the forums a camera club a member may have accessories that they want to sell to another user, or a gaming forum a member may have a game they want to sell.

Code: [Select]

Html replacement
Code: [Select]



Code: [Select]
Buy now : [buy_now=eamiladdress,item name,price,currency,postage][/buy_now] Example
Code: [Select]
Click display on posting page.

Additional information

1/ To sell anything , the person selling will need to have an account with paypal first
2/ From the example and helpline you will see how your users need to fill out the information needed
making sure to use the comer ([COLOR="Red],[/COLOR]) between the information.
3/It is always a good idea that the forum administrator makes a post  to add a disclaimer stating that you are not responsible for any item sold on your forum

Disclaimer and the author of this post are not responsible for any item sold on your forum or any information given through the use of this bbcode
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