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Started by tanduy2506, May 05, 2011, 03:20:54 AM

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Hi PHP-Nuke's members,

I just added a new module and block for PHP-Nuke.
"123 Flash Chat" is a nice web chat server.

You can see demo at: http://eliteteam.freephpnuke.org/gate.html?name=123flashchat

Just enter ACP > Modules to active this module.
You can go to ACP > Blocks -> Add a New Block -> configure as following

Note: This module is a free PHP-Nuke Chat Add-on. Therefor, we don't have any configuration.
Hope you understand.

Thanks for jakew02's suggestion (http://www.freeforum.ca/forums/trash/436290-request-additions.html)


By the way,

I've just fixed "IrCQ Chat" module.
It doesn't work for a long time because there is something change at http://www.icq.com
If you like, you can use Web-ICQ.
It's really cool :)

Thanks for McFoley's suggestion (IrCQ Chat)



Quote from: McFoley;538729Excellent :grin:
Thanks mate,

Sometimes, I feel so difficult but I think there will be a way to solve it :)
I like chatting with my friends too much.