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I won't be around as much

Started by Paul, August 29, 2011, 08:07:35 AM

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unfortunately I won't be around as much as I would like due to work commitments.
A big problem arose last week which now needs my full attention over the next month which means internet activity will be limited.

I will try my best to get on here if and when I can to help out, I hope you understand.

This will also mean the styles board I am working on will be delayed, I have all the styles now as thumbnails but won't have time to sort out.

See you when i can.


i think we need a now mod cus pual won't be on all the time



I feel a little sad.
I hope you will come back soon, Paul.

It will be harder when we don't have your helps :smiley-cry:

I will continue to my work.
When you come back, maybes there are some good things for us.

Good luck, Paul.