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Started by tanduy2506, July 23, 2011, 10:17:05 AM

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Hi phpBB3 members,

I would to like to announce that Anti-Spam ACP has been installed on our phpBB3.
QuoteAnti-Spam ACP adds many powerful anti-spam features to your forum such  as an IP Search tool, Spam Word list, control over profile fields,  flagging suspicious users (for logging their actions), and an easy one  click ban link from their profile which clears out their profile and  posts.

Current Features:
  • Spam Log
  • IP Search
  • Spam  word catcher (like word censor, except makes posts by authors with less  than X posts need approval if the post contains any of the words in the  list)
  • Disabling of certain profile fields until X number of posts (or require or always disable)
  • User  Flag (Allows you to flag a user (and unflag after they've been  flagged).  Once flagged, actions performed by that user to their  profile, or editing of posts, or adding posts gets listed on a log in  the ACP.)
  • Stop Forum Spam Integration
  • One Click Ban
Please follow that link below Lithium Studios • View topic - Anti-Spam ACP

Just go ACP > .MOD > ANTI-SPAM to manage it.

I notice that mod will get data from Stop Forum Spam
  • When someone try to log in or register your forum, it will check username, email, IP
  • That mod use API to connect with the database of Stop Forum Spam
  • If that username / email / IP has already recognized at StopForumSpam,  that user will be lock and identified as a spammer.
    • In this case, you can un-ban them. We'll help you to solve it.
    • If the username is identified as a spammer, please try to change his/her username.
    • If the email is identified as a spammer, please try to change his/her email.
    • If the IP is identified as a spammer, please contact us. We'll check whether it's really a mistake or not. Sometime, accidentally your IP and the spammer IP are the same. We'll try to contact with StopForumSpam
    • If someone try to register, please change their information to avoid that problem.
    • If they're already forum members, please help them change their information.
    Hope everybody understands.


    Hi all phpBB members,

    I would to like to announce that Stop Forum Spam has been  fixed and integrated on our phpBB3.

    If there is any problem, please solve it like above post.

    Just go ACP > .MOD > ANTI-SPAM > Stop Forum Spam to activation that mod.

    Please help me to test it and let me know your feedback.
    We really need your opinion to make it better.

    If your username is recognized as a spammer, please change it.

    Thanks for reading that announcement.