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[MOD] Social Bookmarks for phpBB
« on: August 01, 2011, 12:08:54 am »
Hi all phpBB members,

I would to like to announce that Social Bookmarks v1.0 has been  integrated on our phpBB3.

For more details, please contact me because I write that mod.

It's not really cool but you can use it to share your topic on some social bookmarks: facebook, twitter, myspace, ..... :smiley-laughing: and Google plus one, too

You should test with 'prosilver' and 'subsilver2' first.
If your template doesn't display it correctly, please let me know soon and I'll customize your template for you.

Just go ACP > .MOD > SOCIAL BOOKMARK to enable that mod.

It can be displayed on the top of your topic:

or the bottom of your topic:

If you need something more, please post here.