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[MOD PHP-Nuke] Stop Forum Spam
« on: August 04, 2011, 04:19:46 am »
Hi all PHP-Nuke members,

I would to like to announce that Stop Forum Spam v1.0 has been  integrated on our PHP-Nuke.

It bases on the "Stop Forum Spam" mod of phpBB3.
You can refer to:
Please log in ACP to find AntiSpam module:

Just enable that mod to use it right now.
I notice that we don't allow to disable "Stop Forum Spam" mod for the forums created after Aug 1st, 2011.

It also allow to select type to check spam.
  • If you select "Only for register new user", it won't check the old members. It's not really good if your site already have spammed users.
  • If you select "Check all cases", maybes some old members will be identified as spammer. You need to use "Exclude from banning" feature of "Forums" module.

It's not like phpBB3 but we try to add that feature into our "Forums" PHP-Nuke module.
When you exclude any user from banning, that username will display in bold

Please help me to test it and let you know your feedback.
We really need your feedback to make it better.

That mod will help you to prevent your site from so many spammers.
I recommend you to use it.

Thanks you so much.
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