Author Topic: Following a three-year development process  (Read 446 times)

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Following a three-year development process
« on: August 28, 2011, 12:57:17 am »
[FONT=宋体]Following a three-year development process[/FONT]
from abstraction to architecture and appliance testing, AMI has afresh supplied a bespoke [FONT=宋][FONT=宋][/FONT][FONT=宋]] [/FONT][FONT=宋]waste water pumps[/FONT][FONT=宋] [/url][/FONT]
Model 20 bond arch with abounding limited deployment to bung and allowance any aperture [FONT=宋][FONT=宋][/FONT][FONT=宋]] [/FONT][FONT=宋]single phase pump[/FONT][FONT=宋] [/url][/FONT] tubes on the re-heaters at EDF Energy's Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGR). The new bond head, with an M415 adeptness accumulation commutual [FONT=宋] dewatering pump [/FONT] the system, will be acclimated in a adjustment book to stop aperture inlet/outlet tubes by active a damaged tube during a reactor shutdown. Bespoke adaptations to [FONT=宋] deep well pump [/FONT] the bond arrangement cover the adeptness to accidentally drive a distinctively advised bung to the bond breadth and authority it in position during the [FONT=宋] deep well submersible pump [/FONT] appliance of a two canyon bond arrangement with the accession of accompaniment wire. The bond arch includes a top attention eyes arrangement that can [FONT=宋] well water pumps [/FONT] bound locate the pipe, adviser bond advance and accredit a post-weld beheld check, application a top analogue camera, to actuate bond acceptance. [FONT=宋][/FONT]