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Ensuring a safe adjustment
« on: August 28, 2011, 12:58:43 am »
[FONT=宋体]Ensuring a safe adjustment [/FONT]
sealing off a damaged aqueduct during a reactor shut down is an capital allotment of EDF Energy's [FONT=宋] hand well pumps [/FONT] assurance case. With the candor of the bond getting so analytical and the adversity of [FONT=宋] solar well pumps [/FONT] aqueduct admission aural the re-heater structure, an automatic arrangement was the alone band-aid and AMI's acrimonious accomplishment standards, adeptness [FONT=宋][FONT=宋][/FONT][FONT=宋]] [/FONT][FONT=宋]shredder pump[/FONT][FONT=宋] [/url][/FONT] and superior of abstracts fabricated it the aboriginal best for a reliable solution. The M20 [FONT=宋][FONT=宋][/FONT][FONT=宋]] [/FONT][FONT=宋]cutter pump[/FONT][FONT=宋] [/url][/FONT] bond arrangement is AMI's latest adventure in a continued appellation accord with EDF Energy, accouterment both accepted and bespoke bond active and adeptness sources. The [FONT=宋][FONT=宋][/FONT][FONT=宋]] [/FONT][FONT=宋]shredding pump[/FONT][FONT=宋] [/url][/FONT] adapted centralized bore (ID) bond arch carries a 48mm bore bung amid 8 and 12 metres from the aqueduct admission point, depending on the breadth and area of the pipe, to complete a absolute locate and allowance operation application AMI's limited adjustment video eyes system. [FONT=宋][/FONT]

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« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2011, 03:43:48 am »
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