How do you get more visitors?

Started by Support, February 24, 2006, 07:45:46 AM

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Quote from: james786;529465Advertise your forum in different websites

This is what we call "Spamming". (* unless its through proper advertising channel)
Never try this.
All else you said is cool.



I think so try best work and lots of more development to grow.. I need to help better improve.. I need to engine and spider and add meta. I am not sure.


Thanks for the information. how about forum submission isn't it the way to generate visitor.
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All members are cool.May be the member that you have specified has the best knowledge about the topic which is posted on this forum or may be he is not a spammer.



Such a great post from you its very nice and helpful. Thanks for sharing this information with us. But I want to share with you that is, when you submit in same way you can submit all countries search engine which is provided by Google.

Thank You


yea i noticed something weird before doing something like this only 2 search engines i submitted to were bing and google but for a laugh i also some how got submitted to yahoo and some other one so either google or microsoft took over the other 2 search engines or someone added my site to them lol

next is my torrent sites if i find a decent host
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Quote from: Dovecam.W;534158I have done all those job over the past several  months for my forum, including submitting to major search engine and  optimizing forum pages. However, my forum is still so quiet.
Does social networking site help to increase traffic?

Hi Dovecam.W,
I think some advices in this topic is very useful.
Huh, I have some opinions to let you know.
You should create new forums and topics frequently. These topics talk about something's new and need to be care. They must be involved in your site's subject.
The forum name and topic name are also important! You should name them clearly and they sound good.
We have some programs optimize your site/forum. You should use Google  Analytics which provides an easy way to monitor your traffic performance  for both, organic and paid search engine results.
Please sign up Google   Analytics and add a profile for your site's domain. Then, you add your Google Web Property ID that you're given into "Extra Settings".
It will help you know somethings need to be changed for your site.

Hope this helps.
If you have something's good, let discuss more.


Use a few ping sites like to get it updated. Use or or or or Just submit your blog to those sites and trade bookmarks and diggs to get it to the top.
Or just spam it all over the place on other people their blog or on related youtube videos.


You need to do SEO for it. First make keywords research and try to get as many as backlinks that you can using your keywords as anchor text.


Yes, Forum is the important one to share information and also it is important for SEO. Now I am doing this. Thank you for your information. Really it is helpful for me.
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QuoteYes, Forum is the important one to share information and also it is  important for SEO. Now I am doing this. Thank you for your information.  Really it is helpful for me.        
Forums make you get free backlinks and a huge Network.