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Read here first!!!

Started by Pete, August 22, 2006, 04:24:34 PM

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Attention all Noonhost and FreePHPNuke users,

Welcome to Noonhost/FreePHPNuke.  It's great to have you here and we hope you enjoy using our free services.  I just wanted to run down some housekeeping issues before you get started.

As you know, Noonhost/FreePHPNuke is absolutely free.  To make up some of the expenses, we place Google ads on your site (not intended for profits, only intended to make up some of the expenses).  These ads should eventually display ads related to the content of your site and are designed to be as unintrusive as possible.  Please do not attempt to interfere with the display of these ads at any time.

The Terms of Service can be found at .  Please review them periodically as they are subject to change.

Noonhost/FreePHPNuke is intended for beginners who would like to have their own forums, but without the hassles and technical efforts associated with paid hosting.  Because it's free, the forums provided are relatively basic and without many added features.  If you don't mind having a basic site, this is probably the best place for you since it's free regardless of how large your forum grows.  However, if you prefer to have special features added to your site, you would probably be happier with paid hosting.  

Having said that, please do not sign up for a free forum and expect to have paid services, such as the addition of whatever mods/hacks.  I can tell you right now that Noonhost/FreePHPNuke will NOT add individual mods/hacks.  We did this in the past and it became chaotic creating many bugs and using up many resources in ALL the forums.

In addition, although we regularly backup ALL forums collectively, we cannot provide individual forum backups.

If you would like to make your site unique, you can choose from a number of available themes and layouts.  However, this should be done on your own as our Support team is not set up to assist with these types of services.  

You can also read some articles written in our User Guides and Forum Manuals forum for tips on how to manage your forum.

And finally, you can search these forums for advice and helpful tips from other members.  After all, since this is a free product, the support is meant to come from other members.  Therefore, once you get the hang of things, please feel free to visit the Support forums to pass along some advice to other members, just as they once did for you  :wink:

If there appears to be technical difficulties which are beyond a users capabilities, our Support team monitors these forums and will try to provide assistance.  However, please understand that everyone on the Noonhost / FreePHPNuke staff is here on a volunteer basis with other obligations and priorities.  Therefore, please only use the Noonhost / FreePHPNuke staff for technical issues which can't be answered by other users, and please don't expect immediate replies.  

Again, if you are looking for immediate and customized services, we would highly suggest paid hosting.  If, however, you don't mind some of the setbacks mentioned in exchange for free and basic services, Noonhost / FreePHPNuke might be the perfect place for you!  That being the case, we gladly welcome you to the NoonHost / FreePHPNuke community and hope you enjoy your stay!


Thanks Pete so much :smiley-laughing:

I think our new members must read that announcement first.
I say it all of the time but it is is true that our services are getting better and better.

We try our best to support our customers.
If there is something not good, we hope everybody can contribute a little so we can change our service better.

Hope you enjoy your stay,

Best regards,
The Noonhost Support Team.
The Support Team.
The Support Team.