Fixed permission for "Downloads" module

Started by tanduy2506, January 21, 2012, 03:35:18 AM

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Quote from: SHuhn88As you can see in the pictures when a member wants to  download a car the also have the access to the details button that takes  them to the modify button in turn would give them access to change  anything on the download. How can I set it up so they can only download  the car without being able to access this information, thanks tanduy?

Hi mate,

Actually I don't know why that module don't set permission for the modification feature.
Maybe they want every body can modify these information, or they forgot it... lol :smiley-laughing:
I've just fixed that. That module will check permission when the user try to use this feature.
I think it's good to control these download files.
You can check it again, Eg: Information

Thanks for your report, friend.



Quote from: SHuhn88;540986Great thank you very much :dance:
Thanks for your report, mate.
Actually I can't check everything in these service.
I'm sure that so much members don't use all of these feature of their sites :smiley-laughing:
If you see anything wrong, just let us know.
Quote from: SHuhn88Hi tanduy I see you registered at my site, what do you think of  it 247 registered members since Jan 2nd. Did you have a chance to look  at what I told you, if it's not changeable that's cool, thanks Scott
Quote from: SHuhn88No I don't want to change anything I'm just proud of the site getting so many members in just 3 weeks....
It's so happy when we hear that.
Your site is awesome.
We hope it'll be better and more better :smiley-laughing:
P/S: I see you like cars so much, right? ^^


Thanks tanduy, yes I love Racing and painting for Nascar and Indycars will be posting a lot more of my work in the future..:smiley-smile: