Tips to Increase Forum Traffic

Started by ForumMate, September 25, 2012, 09:21:49 PM

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Here are some quick tips on improving your forums traffic.

First if people have been away for a while send out a newsletter. Let your forum members know that you are still around. Keep them informed about the latest topics and events on the forum. I recommend sending one every month or so just letting people know what is happening.  To send an email go to your administration panel and click on the System Tab. You will see a link there to send an email in the sidebar.

When visiting other forums/websites include a link to your forum by using either a signature or profile field for website on that forum/website.  If the forum/website has an advertising section start a topic in that area and try to startup a discussion.

Content is king. Content is why people come to forums. They want to be updated on information and the latest events. People like seeing new topics and discussions and with more activity more people will come around. Write some articles, blog posts, and link using social media to increase your visibility.  Becareful with shoutboxes they can lead to less posting on a forum.

Keep your forum open!  It is hard for people to join if there are no boards or few boards visible they have no idea what is going on.

Start contests or have forum games to help increase participation.

Let your friends, coworkers, family members know about your forum! These is great easy to get people you already know using your forum.

Signup for a Facebook page/group and a Twitter account for your forum. Use the power of social media to gain wider audience. Also let your friends know if you have your own Facebook/Twitter by making posts on your feeds letting them know about your forum.

These are some tips that you may find helpful for your forum community.


I agree with all the above


Promoting your site

One mistake I see made time after time is advertising / putting links to your forum too soon with very little content to see.( I have seen links posted on the day of forum creation)
Inviting friends or relatives to make a few posts before you try to get members also helps....nothing looks worst than a forum with only a few admin posts.


Having a good clear set of forum rules helps new members understand what is expected
again mistakes made are rules that state you need to make X number posts per month other wise you will be deleted, that is no way to attract members.....members will post as and when they are ready, trying to force them will only lead to them avoiding your site.

There are some pre made rules for you to use or get an idea on making rules, please feel free to copy paste, alter etc