Memorial Day..I Stand Before You

Started by Sp0k, May 29, 2012, 01:13:22 AM

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just want to say i will never for get my bro's

QuoteI stand before you all today
 But not one eye can see my way

 My time arrived, to leave this earth
 A fact so planned, to every birth

 It happened where I had to go
 My torch for life was so aglow

 I transferred while in uniform
 Protecting freedom, through a storm

 Should I resent I died for you
 Not on my life, red white and blue

 Please help my family through each day
 Tell all my friends, try not to stray

 And of the country I did love
 Do think of me, through God above

 Your memories, brought forth this day
 Send love to us, who could not stay

i'm always fighting for you