Thanks free PHPNuke services...

Started by Teerod, July 21, 2012, 08:17:03 AM

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I would just like to say thanks to the forums staff (Tandumguy) and everybody else behind the scenes at support here who answered and explained questions when prompted, along with keeping my site up and functional (and successful) for the past four years...

I will miss the service, site, and general daily interaction with free PHPNuke services. Thanks for your time guys and with giving me the opportunity to take part in hosting a successful site that otherwise wouldn't have materialized to the degree that it had. Again, from everybody at houseofhardtops.freephpnuke....Thanks again.


Thanks you so much, Teerod.

Have you found another host yet?
We really sorry about that.


all setup tanduy, thanks again. Al my best...