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Started by kiwiheretic, October 17, 2012, 12:55:50 AM

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I'm kinda new around these parts.  Interesting site this is.
I'm 47 (I think) and I have created my own forum as somewhere to have a permanent archive of my own posts and thoughts on the Christian journey and maybe someone will someday join me on that journey.  (ie participate in the forum).
I guess I'm kind of doing it because I feel that some of the other Christian forums around tend to be a bit heavy handed in their moderation and I would like to create a more friendly atmosphere.

Even been toying with the idea of having a guest section where guests can post without fully joining up.  Not sure how practical that is given that forums seem to attract spam more readily than blogs do.

I am going to try and avoid playing the SEO game for the time being given that Google has changed the rules on ranking sites lately.  Maybe eventually phpbb plugins might eventually catch up with the state of play as it is.  Anyway I've heard SEO plugins can use a lot of resources.

I have been blogging on wordpress for about 2 years, and have been thinking about maybe attracting a bit more engagement by having a forum.  Forums are better for building communities I think.  Forummate appears to offer a good deal by having a free offering and charging for ad removal.  Something I am seriously considering once I start to attract members.  Probably better than a fully self hosted solution.  One thing I'm wondering whether forummate will grow as my community grows and whether they offer redirections should I eventually become too big for forummate (or eventually decide on having more control over MODs) and decide I need to self host.  I guess that's probably off in the distant future but just trying to think ahead.

My userid I signed up with here is "KiwiHeretic" but my admin username on my forum is "splat".  That may not have been a great logical way of doing things.  However they both are in fact me.

Anyway, would be good to hear from others :)